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Blockchain vaccine registry management system

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Vaccine registry

Immunitee is an open source, blockchain Vaccine Registry Management System (VRMS) providing a low cost system to countries needing to role out mass vaccination programs. Our VRMS is easy to implement and creates a common vaccine tracking system linking private and public healthcare systems.

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Testing History

All lab tests are uploaded into the blockchain preventing fraud, fake tests and allowing for an electronic verification system and history of all tests done, as long as they are uploaded into the blockchain.

Immunitee Passport

The end result of the Immunitee Journey is the ability for people to have an electronic record of the full testing and vaccination history, thereby allowing safe and quarantine-free travel and providing the fastest way to open up borders and the economy.


The Covid-19 crisis presents the largest logistical program in history, requiring billions of the earths population to be vaccinated in a short period of time and in many cases without any Vaccine Registry Management System in place. 

Immunitee is our way of equipping countries around the world with a cutting edge vaccine registry management system, allowing for vaccines to be tracked, the coldchain to be maintained and the power of choice to be placed directly into the patient's hands.

Of absolute importance is the protection of patient data, and our system does not give us any access to data. We provide a system for patients to access their own data through a private key.


"Out of darkness comes light". We believe that the Covid 19 crisis has created an opportunity for us to improve National healthcare systems, and in many cases to provide the first electronic medical registry system. Our vision is that our Immunitee passport will be used worldwide by countries, individuals and companies as a trusted way to verify Covid tests and Vaccination status.


User data such as passport, ID, IC, vaccine record, past medical history and test results are stored in the blockchain, encrypted and only accessible by the user. 

We only have access to store the username, contact and email address. No data concerning the physical  location of the user is stored by Immunitee.


Testing results in the blockchain validated in Singapore

Testing, will still form the primary way in which to manage this and other pandemics. Testing establishes the ability to infect and wether an immune response has occurred post-vaccination.

Immunitee aims to stop the use of fake tests and ensures that laboratory testing is not compromised.

Vaccine Record

Our NFC tracking system, as well as our cold-chain location and temperature monitoring allows us to ensure the user can verify the authenticity and viability of the vaccine. This allows increased safety in the case of an adverse event.

Other Diseases

Immunitee has been designed to provide a long term vaccine management registry system for all diseases requiring testing and vaccination including TB, flu, rabies, MMR etc.

Immunity Passport

The end result of the whole Immunitee process culminates in our Immunitee passport, which is a QR code based system which can be used to access a users full electronic testing and vaccination history. 

Airlines, Immigration, Hospitals, Insurance companies, restaurants, stadiums, schools and universities can access this information on a per QR code call basis for a minimal cost.



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